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Hello! I'm 20, a student at Texas A&M University, a psychology major. Here's my blog! I have some obsessions with the main ones at the moment being OUAT and Rumbelle. I tag ouat spoilers with "spoilers" and "ouat spoilers". Feel free to send an ask

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So Weird - “Rebecca”
What is it about me, Jack? Why do I have to lose so many people?

So Weird Live Stream - April 24th 


Hey everyone! Hope you had an awesome week! I will be showing 5 eps as usual tonight but since my DVD Ripper didn’t rip the episode “Troll” all the way, I wont be showing it. Sorry guys. But I do have the eps “Blues” & “James Garr” But they are token from youtube..So don’t expect great quality from those 2. Anywhere here’s all that I’m showing tonight

S02-EP14 - “Fall”
Ned’s childhood friend, Sam, gets caught up in the reenactment of a tragic childhood accident where Ned and Sam watched their best friend die.

S02-EP15 - “Destiny”
The Will o’ the Wisp that once possessed Jack, returns and this time jumps into Molly and once again plays with Fi’s mind and reveals a secret to her.

S02-EP17 - “Avatar”
Molly, Jack and Carey find themselves trapped in a succession of virtual realities by a lonely young man, while Fi tries to figure out where they are.

S02-EP16 - “Blues”Fi discovers that a murdered blues singer is channelling the mortal world when everyone in Fi’s family begins singing one of his songs.

S02-EP18 - “James Garr”Fi discovers that Carey’s hospital roommate was revived after being cryogenically frozen in an experiment.

Hope to see you there! Just like always it starts at 10:10 PM. New York time. At SWUStream

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Dorks to cheer me up UuU
Bonus Nealfire


Dorks to cheer me up UuU

Bonus Nealfire



make me choose #1

its-snowing-rumbelle asked you Rumbelle or Captain Swan?

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bellegold asked for: rumbelle wedding.


bellegold asked for: rumbelle wedding.

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a couple of cutie pies flirting up a storm (。✿‿✿。)

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Ok I seriously can not stay awake when a person talks for a long time and im in an audience setting with nothin to do except listen. My eyes droop the whole time and bam I fall asleep. Every time
Gotta fix my sleep cycles…


The Beauty

inspired by [x]

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Belle in Bleeding Through.

belle french    ouat